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Wine Braised Short Ribs with Rustic Mashed Potatoes

Braised short ribs are one of those dishes that I tend to lean towards ordering from restaurants. I never knew how they’d get that meat so tender and where the heck I could buy that meat to make at home. Well years ago, I finally did some investigating and realized that wow, pretty much every grocery store carries beef short ribs.

I’ve made variations of this recipe for years but decided I needed to clean up the quality of my ingredients. This recipe does say WINE BRAISED but don’t we have an adaptable version for those who do not want to use alcohol in this recipe, if you are following Whole30, etc.

We start off with 3-4 pounds of bone in beef short ribs. This dish is set to serve 4, but I would suggest that if you’d like to have leftovers, I’d double the recipe. This recipe takes a little bit of prep but it is totally worth your time!

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