Vegan Whole Wheat Date Ladoo

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For a sweet festival treat that is naturally sweetened, try my Whole Wheat Date Ladoo recipe. A wholesome vegan twist on a traditional Indian sweet made with whole wheat flour, almond flour, nuts, and dates! Soy-free + Gluten-free option.

a plate with stacked vegan date ladoos

Try these Date sweetened Wheat ladoo (atte ka laddu) for the festive season without all the ghee and cups of sugar! They are quick and easy to make and are great for gifting, too.

What is Laddu or Ladoo?

The term laddu or ladoo stands for sweetened round balls usually made from flour, sugar/ jaggery, and ghee or oil! As for flavorings, nuts and spices like cardamon, saffron tend to be included and as you can imagine, Indian cuisine offers a variety of laddu recipes for all occasions. Some using besan, others semolina (Rava), whole wheat flour, or various millet flours, rice flours, etc! Just here on the blog, you actually already find many different types, made with a variety of flavors, like these coconut ones. YUM!

Today we make atta ladoo.  Traditional wheat ladoo recipes call for ghee and wheat flour.  I have previously even made oil-free Ladoos using a maple syrup and those work out amazing as well.

a plate with stacked vegan ladoos sweetened with dates

For this date ladoo recipe, we use a blend of whole wheat flour, almond flour, and flax meal which makes these taste nutty and wholesome. I like flavoring these with cardamom – a spice which you should always use sparingly and work your way up if need be. Some chopped cashews make these richer and melted vegan butter is added for moisture and texture but these would actually even work with oil instead of butter or no oil at all.

stacked Indian Date Ladoos on a white plate



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