Vegan Tofu Eggs in Purgatory

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Change up your morning routine with this vegan eggs in purgatory recipe. Quick homemade tofu eggs simmered up in a fiery, garlicky, chunky tomato sauce! Serve with crusty bread for an amazing savory brunch or breakfast.
overhead shot of two servings of vegan eggs in purgatory made with tofu eggs

Eggs in purgatory – the epitome of effortless meet delicious. Just like the non-vegan version, this Vegan Eggs in purgatory is indeed exquisitely easy to make.

Homemade tofu eggs cooked in a rich garlicky tomato sauce – breakfast does not get better than this! And don’t forget to grab some nice crusty slice of bread to dunk into it.

Why is this dish called eggs in purgatory?

The history of this recipe is rather unknown. The name apparently originates from catholicism, with the baked eggs representing “souls” and the tomato sauce surrounding them representing “Purgatory”. Alrighty. Whatever the history, it has become a brunch staple and this egg-less version made with tofu eggs might just be your new favorite savory breakfast.

vegan eggs in purgatory with tofu eggs served in a black skillet

Is Shakshuka the same as eggs in purgatory?

Not quite. Shakshuka is North African and Arab while eggs in Purgatory are the Italian cousin. Both recipes feature a flavorful slow-cooked  tomato sauce and softly cooked eggs (or in this case, tofu eggs) but the seasonings are different. Shakshuka uses turmeric, cumin and coriander to scent the tomato stew. The Italian version is all about that good olive oil and that garlic, along with a little basil and red-pepper flakes.

vegan eggs in purgatory served with slices of crust bread

Just like shakshuka, these vegan eggs in purgatory can be served for breakfast, or a savory brunch or a light lunch or dinner!  Really, whenever you are in a hurry to get a satisfying, full-flavored dish on the table quickly.


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