Vegan Pizza Waffles

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Vegan Pizza Waffles stuffed with bell peppers, mushrooms and mozzarella are a must-try for all pizza lovers and everyone craving pizza for breakfast! Perfectly cheesy yet light and crispy and with pizza sauce and favorite pizza toppings.

a plate with homemade vegan pizza waffles sprinkled with herbs
Take your waffles game to the next level! I give you Pizza Waffles!! HELLO, crispy savory vegan waffles stuffed with Italian pizza topping classics like mushrooms, bell peppers and vegan mozzarella cheese. They are amazing straight from the waffle iron but I can also see them getting dipped into warm marinara.

Look at these crispy golden edges! Breakfast for dinner has reached a whole new level. I mean, you’ve got everything you love in a pizza… The toppings, the cheese, and the crispy part of the dough – all compressed into one neat little package!

a plate with freshly baked vegan pizza waffles with one waffle being cut into half to reveal cheesy filling

Kids LOVE these pizza waffles and as there is no crust, I can almost guarantee you there will be no leftovers on those plates! These are also way less messy to eat  without all that cheese and sauce dripping all over the tablecloth.

ingredients needed for making vegan pizza waffles


Let’s make these pizza waffles!

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