Vegan Diwali Dinner Menu Ideas

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Make the festival of lights memorable with these Vegan Diwali Dinner Menu Ideas! A collection of the best Indian main dishes and sides, all plant-based, often gluten-free! 

collage of Diwali dinner menu ideas

Vegan Diwali Dinner Menu Ideas that will please everyone

Preparations for Diwali, the biggest Indian festival have officially started in my home!  Known as the festival of lights, Diwali usually falls between mid-October and November and celebrations begin by lighting rows of lamps or candles in homes, temples, shops, and offices.

That’s right – Diwali is a big deal food-wise. People make and exchange savories, snacks, sweets and desserts, host get togethers with extensive spreads and connect with family and friends. Whether you are a plant-based household or are hosting a mixed crowd, I can guarantee you that these Vegan Diwali dinner menu ideas recipes will please everyone!

These delicious recipes feature Indian main dishes, as well as flavorful vegetable sides, daals/ lentil dishes, Indian flatbreads, and rice dishes, and festive desserts to end the meal Enjoy!

Start up with small servings of this tomato soup or Kachumbar salad and warm chips or Mathri. The kachumbar salad (onion, cucumber, radish salad) is a great side with the meal too.  I usually don’t plan elaborate pre-meal snacks as then people fill up on those and the meal has a lot of leftovers 🙂

Choose 1-2 main dishes, 2-3 side dishes, legumes and 1 rice and 1 flatbread. Add papadums or a chutney or a Raita (with non dairy yogurt) and your spread is ready! Most of these can be made ahead! Reheat with a bit of non dairy milk if they have thickened too much. Rice is best made fresh.

Happy Diwali to all who are celebrating! Please stay safe and be cautious in these changed times.

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