The SIBO Made Simple Book is HERE!

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After two years of interviewing some of the brightest minds in the GI and functional medicine space, and casually chatting with you online about your gut issues, my new book SIBO MADE SIMPLE is finally on shelves.

Bring it home with you, if you don’t have it already! Order your copy here on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, or BookShop (for indies).

Though this is my 3rd book, I can truly say that writing this one was so different. Yes, it involved a lot of long hours and hard work. But it also felt even more collaborative. While I was researching, I was also constantly doing podcast interviews with the best experts out there, asking them questions that you submitted to me, and fielding email after email from readers who were desperate for resources and answers.

I wish I could have responded to each and every one of you with a 300 page note, but that’s why I wrote the book: to be your complete SIBO bible. To help you find the best path forward up the SIBO summit of Health Mountain. And to hold your hand while you heal.

If you want to read all about why the book is different, what’s inside, and get a sneak peak of some of the drool-worthy photos by Haley Davis of Brewing Happiness, click here.

If you haven’t yet ordered your copy, I would be eternally grateful if you could do so this week. It is also available in audiobook format read by ME! The 90+ recipes in the book are extremely delicious, even if you have a perfect digestive system. But at the very least, you can always re-gift it to your gassiest friend.

Those you ordered before the 18th get to participate in another live session of my 5-day Gut Heal Bootcamp for free! Just submit your receipt here. If you already participated this fall, you’re already on the list for round two 🙂

The age of COVID has made launching anything kind of an anticlimactic affair, so if you can find it in your heart / busy WFH schedule, taking 2 minutes to leave a quick review on Amazon is a very meaningful way to support this project. You don’t have to buy it on Amazon (or at all!) to leave a review 🙂

Other forms of cheer: forwarding to any friends with autoimmune or gut issues, or sharing some love on “social.”

Though 60 percent of IBS cases are being caused by SIBO, the condition still lacks awareness and resources–things I’ve been trying to change.

Lastly, in lieu of an actual IRL book tour, I’m doing tons of IG Live chats with interesting people in the health space, AND more importantly, continuing to teach bi-monthly cooking classes with recipes from the book.


I truly believe this book could change someone’s life, so thank you for helping me shout from the rooftops about it. This book would not exist without you. Just read the dedication!

From one SIBO Amigo, to another,



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