The 2021 Healthy Hedonist Holiday Gift Guide

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Every year I promise myself that I’m going to churn out a gift guide for you before Black Friday to help you get your spending in line and funnel it towards things that are good for your body and the environment.

For the last few years, that has simply meant updating and republishing my low waste holiday gift guide. While the pandemic has made a new argument for minimalism, it has also hammered home which products (both physical and digital) have become absolutely essential parts of my self care.

Whether you’re a member of the Hashi Posse or a SIBO Amigo putting together your holiday wish list, or you have someone in your family who is particularly dedicated to their health, I wanted to put all of my favorites together in one place.

The benefit of being a die-hard fan girl of some of these items is that I have managed to get discount codes over the years to share with you (some of these companies were even sponsors of the podcast, which makes them all the more perfect for SIBO Amigos in your life).

Of course, having Hashimoto’s or SIBO doesn’t mean that you might not be perfectly content receiving a new sweater (especially if it is baggy and bloat friendly!). But since being chronically ill or getting well can be such an expensive endeavor, the holidays are a wonderful time to ask for help and allow your family to support you. Even if that support just looks like a comfy bathrobe or skillet that won’t flake Teflon into your food.

Read on for my Healthy Hedonist gift guide, from wellness doodads and self-care must-haves to my favorite kitchenware and low FODMAP meal delivery services.

With health and hedonism,



the best infrared sauna blanket

Higher Dose sauna blanket or infrared mat. If you follow me on social media, you know that I am a die hard for this at-home sauna blanket. It has all the health benefits of a regular free standing infrared sauna (supporting detox pathways, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones) but can be rolled up and stored under your bed. Depending on the time of year, we use ours 2-3 times a week and I really feel a difference with my periods and overall energy. It’s a big ticket item, so a good option if you’re more of a “one big thing” family rather than a million stocking stuffers. Plus my code SIBO100 gives you $100 off, which really helps the bottom line! The mat is supposed to be amazing too. I don’t personally own it but if you don’t like to get sweaty, it’s probably the better option for you!  

Paloma thyroid testing kits or consultations. I’ve had so many conversations with HashiPosse folks who can’t find a doctor to consistently order a full thyroid panel with their bloodwork. Paloma’s at-home kits have been such a great way to put the agency back in our own hands. They were especially great for me during the pandemic when I didn’t want to go into a lab. Now I use them when I’m traveling or just am curious where my numbers are in between doctors appointments. Also, if you are in need of a thyroid doctor they have an incredible team that offer consultations! If you have someone newly diagnosed or who suspects a thyroid issue, this would be a very thoughtful gift. Use code PHOEBE for $30 off.

The best castor oil pack for your liver

Queen of the Thrones castor oil pack (or thyroid pack!). Castor oil is a great economical way to improve lymphatic congestion, reduce inflammation and get your biggest organ of elimination running smoothly. It’s an ancient practice that’s been used in Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and Ancient Egyptian cultures. You can use the oil anywhere on your body that needs love – liver, ovaries, kidneys, even your thyroid! The only problem is it’s a little messy, which is why discovering this easy castor oil pack system has been such a game changer. The larger one is great for liver or lady part support, but they recently came out with a mini neck wrap for your thyroid! Use code PHOEBE for 10% off.

Thrive Market membership. Healthy food doesn’t always come cheap. But Thrive market definitely makes it much more affordable. They are like a Sam’s Club but for specialty brands found at Whole Foods. I use them for some of my pantry staples and get them delivered every few months at quite a savings. The membership is just a small upfront fee and is a great stocking stuffer or gift certificate!

Great Jones multi-purpose non-toxic ceramic braiser. Ok, I know kitchenware might not be the most obvious health gift, but it always amazes me how many people buy organic and then go home and throw their produce in a pan with chemical coating. I put together a whole list of my favorite non-toxic pans and cookware here. But if you want a great place to start, this braiser is such a great multi-purpose pot. It’s similar in style and quality to Le Creuset and Staub but a little more affordable.

Caraway non-toxic non-stick pan or bakeware set. This is a newcomer on the nonstick pan scene and they are the best I’ve come across. The pan set is the only 4 forms you need and comes with a seriously handy storage system and lid rack. We used them for 7 months straight in the tiny kitchen we lived in during the pandemic and they are truly perfect! They recently came out with bakeware too, and again, the storage system is worth the purchase alone.

East Fork small batch mugs. This is my favorite pottery company for any type of form. Based in Asheville, East Fork comes out with a few seasonal limited edition glazes a year. So their pottery has become a collector’s item. Their mugs are the perfect size and shape. And they are also a fun way to build your colorscape / collection. Though you can’t go wrong with any of the neutral glazes, there is a fun pink and black this winter! You could combine this with some great healthy digestive teas.

Dropps sustainable home cleaning pods. Updating your home cleaning products to be non-toxic is so important if you have a health condition (and arguably, for everyone!). These dishwasher and laundry pods arrive in a cardboard box, making them virtually waste-free. We love the unscented ones and are so happy to have discovered the company!

Ettitude clean bamboo non-toxic sheet set or bathrobes. My bedroom was one of the last places I made the swap to nontoxic materials, but it is perhaps the most important place to start since you spend so much time under the sheets. Bedding can be expensive and feels like kind of a boring item to spend on, so I think it’s a perfect practical gift. Ettitude’s sheets are INSANELY silky and soft. They are made from bamboo instead of cotton which means they use much less water to produce. If bedding doesn’t feel festive enough, maybe consider their amazingly soft robes! Use code SIBO for 20% off.

Gua Sha Kit for wrinkle reduction and thyroid health. As I mentioned in this post, gua sha has been a huge game changer for the health of my skin and my thyroid. I absolutely love the Wildling beauty tool which gets every nook and cranny. It’s a stone, so can’t get more green than that. Use code PHOEBE10 for 10% off.

Perioral dermatitis skincare bundle from Follain. I’ve been shocked by how many people suffer from this particular skin rash (more on Perioral Dermatitis here). Switching to natural products is key to calming down your face. My favorite items are gorgeous and luxurious, so you don’t have to worry about making your family member self-conscious. My recs are Osmia black clay facial soap or Osea cleansing milk, and Osea advanced protection cream. All from Follain! 20% off orders $100-$149 with code CART20

Probiotic bundle from Dr. Ruscio. I talk a lot about rotating probiotics and how to find the right type that suits your gut in the my book. Dr. Ruscio is my go-to for all three types: lacto-bifido blend, soil-based, and saccharomyces boulardii. Get your loved one a bundle so they can try all three and see how they feel.

Radical Roots full-spectrum hemp CBD bundle. These full-spectrum hemp formulas are also balanced with Chinese Herbs and they are my absolute favorite CBD products. If your loved one has trouble with sleep or anxiety, get the Rest and Relax formula. The Revive is great for gut health. Use code SIBO20 for 20% off your first order.

The Wellness Project or SIBO Made Simple books. Of course, if your loved one is a Hashi Posse member or SIBO Amigo and totally lost, the best place to start is by getting them one of my books! I wrote them as a guide for those who have no idea where to begin – they are the books I wish I’d had when I was totally lost and confused!

Epicured low FODMAP meal delivery. If someone you know is totally struggling with the low FODMAP diet or has a new SIBO diagnosis and is hopeless in the kitchen, this meal delivery service is a god sent. I don’t use it that often personally, but it saved me during SIBO treatment when I had a particularly busy week. You get 20% off with code SIBOMADESIMPLE.

Brodo bone broth freezer bundle. You guys know I am a nut for broth when you’re trying to heal your gut. There are recipes for my favorite homemade versions in the SIBO Made Simple book. But like the previous rec, short cuts are welcomed during stressful times of life. While I wouldn’t recommend putting frozen broth in a stocking, a gift certificate to Brodo would be such a lovely thoughtful gift. They make the absolute best broths in NYC and now ship nationwide. Get $20 Off your first subscription with code HEALTHYHOLIDAYS.

Amour Vert bloat-friendly black joggers. For those with endo, IBS or SIBO belly, sometimes you just need a cute pair of pants that put absolutely no pressure on your abdomen. These are my favorites and I wore them for three months straight last year.

A Gutsy Girl’s gut journal. My friend and former podcast guest Sara Kay Hoffman created this incredible gut journal to help you track your symptoms and connect them with what you’re eating and feeling. A perfect tool for someone trying to get more in touch with their body.

My Elimination Diet Meal Plans or gift certificate to the 4 Weeks to Wellness course. Again, forgive me for hocking my wares! But I just came out with a new fall/winter elimination diet meal plan. It’s available in a low FODMAP version too. If you have someone who likes to cook but has no idea WHAT to cook for a restrictive diet, this e-book is a perfect step by step with 4 weeks’ worth of original recipes and shopping lists. It’s the same style cookbook as what’s included in my signature 4 week program, so if they need even more of a helping hand, get them a gift certificate to join us this spring! Use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off!

Gluten-Free Bread Academy or Good Food Cooking School gift certificate. My friend Heather creates the most beautiful and well-thought out online cooking classes for specialty diets. She has a whole baked goods course for GF folks and a plant-based cooking school that teaches you all the techniques you need to feel confident in the kitchen. I am a guest instructor for the latter! Use code PHOEBE for $20 off all her products.



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