Supplements for Immunity

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Eating whole foods is great, but sometimes supplements for immunity can be very helpful. Learn more about creating a wiser immune system!

This post was sponsored by For the Biome but the content and opinions expressed are fully my own.

Our guest today is from the brand For The Biome and is an expert in creating a healthy immune environment.

Paul Schulick is a master herbalist, author and the founder of both New Chapter, and his latest venture, For The Biome. For The Biome’s mission is to deliver solutions for body, mind, and microbiome that build strength and resilience amidst modern health challenges. Schulick is renowned for pioneering whole-food fermented vitamins integrated with science-backed herbals.

He has once again shifted the paradigm by redefining the immune category with time-tested ingredients that are new to market. For The  Biome’s three immune products—Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion, Stress Therapy, and Gut-Lung Therapy—are formulated in Vermont and launched March 2021.

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Why You Need a Wise Immune System

The immune system is important when aren’t feeling well, but it’s also so much more than that. Our immune system is on 24/7 and is always restoring our physiology and clearing and cleaning the debris and cells that need to be removed, those that are not great for our body. It needs to be at work all the time.

This makes our bodies amped up by all it is exposed to, which means our immune system is also amped up. So it often doesn’t get a chance to relax and be quiet so that it can really restore itself. This is why, despite all the hype around “boosting” the immune system, what we all really need is balance within the immune system.

For the Biome’s Immune Therapy contains a unique class of polyphenols called polymeric polyphenols; these are unique because they are able to help regulate the immune response, so that your system can respond to threats appropriately, and then return to balance when the threat has been dealt with .

Research shows that within one hour of taking Immune Therapy, immune cells (called monocytes) move from the bloodstream into the tissue, so that they are in the best position to respond to any immune challenges. After two hours the heavy hitters of the immune system, Natural Killer cells and T cells, are standing at attention and ready to respond if they’re needed. At this point, those monocytes move back into the bloodstream, where they can be on the lookout for new immune threats.

There are proteins within the immune system called cytokines that are important because they help our immune system function. Cytokines respond when something is threatening the immune system. However an overload of cytokines can throw the body out of balance.

But with the right support (like the Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion by For The Biome), the immune system can balance its response: immune activation is supported, but so is the return to balance: it’s helping the body to respond more efficiently and effectively. 

How to Keep Your Immune System “Strong”

Instead of using the word stronger, it seems more appropriate to use the word wiser. The reason is that you want your immune system to have the wisdom to know when to activate and send out the troops effectively, and to know when to retreat and head to the lookout posts, so that it’s ready for the next attack. A wise immune response is balanced and efficient.

When your body is exposed to things it doesn’t like, your body goes into flight or flight response. But when it likes something it goes into the state of rest and digest. So when you support your immune system, you are able to better get into that rest and digest state so you can absorb your nutrients better, rejuvenate, and be in a better state of mind.

Here are some things you can do for your immune system:…


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