SIBO Made Simple | EP 50 | Ask a SIBO Amigo: My Best Advice from 4 Seasons of SMS (Part 1)

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As the podcast comes to close, I wanted to leave you SIBO Amigos with some of my hardest earned lessons from the trenches. It has been an utter pleasure producing this podcast and getting to interview some of the most prolific practitioners in the SIBO space. The process of writing the book, in many ways, was a process of distilling their wisdom into super practical takeaways and to-do’s. So the entire manuscript is kind of one big extension of the SIBO Amigo Digest. But I still managed to simplify even further and come up with 10 rules of thumb for each step of the SIBO journey: investigation, treatment, diet and cooking.

In today’s episode we will talk about my biggest pieces of advice for the first two legs, including how to tackle root causes, interpret SIBO tests, and how to deal with your mindset throughout treatment. It’s a short and sweet one with yours truly that will help you step away from the minutiae and focus on the big picture goals of healing.

Resources, mentions and notes:

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