SIBO Made Simple | EP 47 | SIBO Success Stories: Real Patients Talk About What It Took to Come Out on the Other Side with Sarah Kay Hoffman and Davida Lederle

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Before I started my SIBO treatment way back in 2017, I did what I do best: contact every person I knew who had ever had SIBO and force them to endure a game of 101 questions, gut edition. These conversation were SO helpful though, perhaps even more helpful than the internet research rabbit hole I eventually fell down.

The majority of questions I get asked via email and Instagram are about my personal experience with healing SIBO, and even though I remind these sufferers again and again that every person’s body is different, I understand how refreshing and important getting all the nitty gritty details can be. Which is why not just today’s episode, but the next TWO, are going to be dedicated to SIBO and IBS success stories.

My guests today are two fantastic women in wellness: Davida Lederle, the extremely prolific content creator behind, and equally prolific gut researcher Sarah Kay Hoffman of

Both women ironically join me from Minnesota. Both have made it to the other side of SIBO. And though the road was far from easy, I think these two stories in particular are incredibly hopefully. So if you’ve gotten lost in the doom and gloom of online message boards and need a dose of real life perspective, I hope you give this episode a listen!

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