How-to Make Gluten-Free Arepas

Have you ever heard of an arepa? No? Well either had I until a few years ago and let me say this is an easy recipe and one you can make in no time and serve a bunch of people. Arepas are basically a type of corn flour mixed with water and salt, and you […]

20+ Summer Mocktails + Raspberry Mocktail Recipe

Summer mocktails are the ultimate drink experience! These drinks have more pizzaz than soda or flavored water but none of the alcohol that cocktails contain. So you can drink up without worrying about the after affects. Use our raspberry simple syrup to create this easy and delicious raspberry tom collins mocktail (recipe in card at […]

What Causes Fibromyalgia? Researchers Suggest Gluten

What Causes Fibromyalgia?  More Studies Point To Gluten If you’ve been following my research for any length of time, you know that I am passionate about sharing research that shares links between celiac disease or gluten consumption and a wide range of health conditions. Many don’t realize that gluten and celiac disease can be associated […]

Lemony Corn and Tomato Salad

Showcase summers natural flavors with this easy lemony corn and tomato salad. Use either corn with heavy ears in the husk or frozen corn and sweet bright red grape tomatoes for the best-quality salad! WHY THIS CORN & TOMATO SALAD WORKS + A refreshing corn and tomato salad is a summer staple recipe. Two things […]

Salt & Vinegar Air Fryer Kale Chips (Oven Baked Option)

Air fryer kale chips are made in minutes for a crispy, crunchy, and completely addicting kid-friendly, better-for-you snack you’ll love! Gluten-free, vegan, and high in fiber, you’ll never go back to store bought potato chips again.  Thought we were finished with kale? Think again! It’s just too good to move on so soon. Now that […]

Healthier Chocolate Coconut Balls (Mounds Bar)

Chocolate and coconut lovers, rejoice! You can have it combined into these sweet cream cheese filled chocolate coconut balls made without condensed milk, but still deliver amazing flavor in every bite! WHY THESE CHOCOLATE COVERED COCONUT BALLS (MOUNDS BAR) ARE SO GOOD! These homemade chocolate coconut balls are without condensed milk and the recipe comes […]

The Healthy Sugar Controversy

Is there a healthy sugar? Sugar is one of the most controversial food topics out there. Listen to find out as we dissect the differences! Sugar is basically a carbohydrate. There are so many types, it’s hard to figure out what is what and if some are better than others. Good thing we are chatting […]

Grapefruit Mocktail with Rosemary and Honey

This grapefruit mocktail with rosemary and honey is a family friendly drink that is both beautiful and delicious. This spring, cool down with our tasty and citrusy drink. The kids will enjoy it as much as the adults. Like our non-alcoholic mimosa, it embodies all the flavors of spring. The grapefruit is both slightly sour […]

German Chocolate Loaf Cake

This Vegan German Chocolate Loaf Cake is a rich and moist chocolate cake baked in a loaf pan, with the traditional nutty pecan and coconut caramel filling running through the middle! Anytime coconut is involved, any dessert has the potential to turn into one of my favorites!  I LOVE me a slice of classic German […]

Can you freeze ham? The best how-to guide on freezing ham!

Are you looking for the best way to freeze leftover ham? Freezing ham is easier than you think! Here’s a guide on freezing leftover ham, whether you bought too much at the grocery store or cooked up too large of a spiral ham. How to freeze cooked bone-in ham Did you buy too big of […]