New Pumpkin Oat Muffins

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We’re always tinkering here at Casa Allrich. So forgive me for changing up a classic, tried and true pumpkin muffin recipe. A recipe that did not- necessarily- need any tinkering at all. It was as scrumptious as it has always proved to be. Except. Well. I don’t like xanthin gum anymore (never really did like it, honestly). And I’ve been trying to avoid rice flours (if I’m going to eat rice it’s going to be in a bowl with some delicious spicy curry on top). I have also been seeking a simpler gluten-free flour combo I can count on. In other words, versatile. And so, I fool around with ratios and flours and stuff. Because ya never know.

Our latest favorite GF flour combo is proving to be an astonishingly simple blend. All you need is a coffee grinder. And not even a fancy one (we use our little Krupps).

The primary flour we’re using now is oat flour- from certified gluten-free oats, ground up fresh in our little coffee grinder. The second flour is cassava starch.

That’s it.

And it’s a light, tasty and tender combo for baking, turns out. Who knew?

Read on for the recipe and try it out. Perhaps you’ll ditch the xanthin gum, too.

Bake on, Darling, bake on!

Karina xo

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