Mindfulness Practices Beyond the Yoga Mat

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Mindfulness practices are not just for yoga! When you take them beyond the mat, you begin to feel better and live a life you thrive in.

While many people think mindfulness is something you do while in yoga class, there are many ways to bring it into your life. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but the results are so beneficial!

Donna Jones is a senior leadership executive with nearly twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry. As a registered nurse and community health leader, Donna is intimately familiar with the multitude of concerns associated with a hectic modern lifestyle. 

Donna credits her own wellness journey to saving her life during a time of intense personal stress and change. Working her way up the career ladder in a competitive field while obtaining four degrees and multiple certifications, Donna knows exactly how it feels to push yourself to your limits in your life and your career.

Through adopting strategic wellness practices and accumulating a multi-faceted lifestyle toolkit, she was able to not only overcome the odds stacked against her, but to thrive. 

Donna’s desire to share her knowledge with others prompted her to begin (R)evolution Healthstyle, a 360-degree approach to wellness and healthcare that strives to prevent the common diseases and illnesses she saw plaguing those around her.

Through plant-based, holistic strategies, Donna helps her clients create stress-free, health-filled lifestyles. With the help of yoga and meditation, the (R)evolution Healthstyle plan allows clients to become more present and to gain clarity wherever they happen to be in their busy lives. Donna is confident that she can help you create the vibrant, energetic life of your dreams. You can reach her at her website above or on Instagram.

You can also grab her free Plant-Based Grocery Shopping Guide!

The Definition of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a broad term. It refers to an awareness that arises from paying attention when living on purpose, being present in the moment and doing it all in a non judgmental way. The root is in compassion, both with others and ourselves.

Overall wellness isn’t just about the food we eat, it has to do with the wellness of our mind, body and spirit. We put a lot of emphasis on the food piece and not enough emphasis on the mind and spirit. Mindfulness helps us focus on all areas.

While the mindfulness practice starts on the yoga mat, the practice can be brought into regular life with amazing results. Because the world today is filled with technology and instant access to just about everything, being mindful takes effort.

Pillars of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is not just one thing. There are a variety of characteristics that make up the concept of being mindful. A few of them are:

Being purposefulNon judgmentBeing present in the momentCuriosity and self awareness

These aspects can be woven in to every day actions but can also be part of a meditation practice. Mindfulness is multifaceted and can be done in just about every situation.

Bringing Mindfulness into Life

Many people start with yoga in order to get familiar with a mindful practice. There are so many types of yoga, and something for just about eveyrone.

It can even be as simple as breath work, closing your eyes and just breathing as you pay attention to your breath.

You can also begin with meditation. It can be done with music, just sitting in quiet or simply taking a few minutes to focus on the moment. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Another way to practice mindfulness is journaling. From full journaling or just writing down a few things you are grateful for, it helps you focus on the moment.

You can also just simply be in the moment. Sitting and being. It’s that simple. Many people think that you have to rid your mind of all thoughts, This isn’t true, it’s ok to be aware of them, you simply need bring yourself back.

Mindful eating


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