Jo Jo Potatoes

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My Homemade Jo Jo Potatoes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside and they’re sure to become your new favorite side dish or game day snack! They can be baked or pan-fried.

overhead shot of jo jo potatoes on a white plate with a side dish with ranch dip

Who’s obsessed with Jo Jo potatoes? What potatoes? Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what I’m talking about here! Just know that if you love potato wedges and fries, these babies are something that you’ve missed out on your whole life!  Jo jo Potatoes – these are seriously GOOD. Tender on the inside, crispy on the outside, with a glorious coating of golden browned breading, baked or pan-fried to absolute potato perfection!

Jo Jo Potatoes served on a white platter with a side dish of vegan ranch

What are Jo JO Potatoes?

Jo Jo Potatoes are potatoes wedges that are (sometimes) preboiled, then coated in seasoned flour and a batter and fried to crispy, golden-brown perfection. The outsides are nice and crisp, the insides are fluffy like a perfectly baked potato.

These upgraded potato wedges make a wonderful side dish, TV snack, or a shared appetizer, and are typically served with lots of different sauces and condiments like plain or seasoned sour cream, ketchup,  or barbecue sauce! Also so good with  Ranch  Dressing or any vegan Ranch Dip. I’ll list my favorite dips for this vegan version in a second.

You might find these special potato wedges as a gas station snack but they can also be part of any diner breadbasket of the midwest, upper midwest, and Pacific Northwest.

What is the difference between JoJo and potato wedges?

A true Jojo potato is a potato cut into eight segments, breaded with flour and batter – like fried chicken, and cooked in a pressure fryer. Well, I don’t have a pressure fryer and I bet you don’t either but that’s ok! You can either bake these in the oven or pan-fry them! Also, a true jo jo is served with ranch.  In the tips section, I list my favorite vegan dips for these.

vegan homemade baked jo jo potatoes served with a dip on a white platter


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