How To Do A Sugar Detox and Eliminate Cravings

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Time to crush that sugar habit and detox from sugar! A simple sugar-free plan with foods and drinks to eat to achieve a successful sugar detox that reduces cravings, keeps you energized, satisfied, and assists in losing weight.

how to on doing a sugar detox and what foods to eat to eliminate sugar cravings


What happens to your body when you give up processed sugar? In many cases there is a decrease in inflammation, boost of energy levels, and improvement in your ability to focus. Refined and added sugar comes in many forms such white sugar and white bread, which is a carb that breaks down into glucose (sugar). [source] When detoxing from sugar it always important to eliminate breads and starches for a proper cleanse.


Start by cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator of condiments, foods and snacks that contain sugar (details for detox kitchen hacks here). Then continue by eating food alternatives from the food and drink lists below. And yes, you’ve got this! To flavor foods use lemon juice on salads and Primal Kitchen has a wonderful selection of naturally sugar-free condiments. At first, this might feel like a task that his hard to defeat but the truth is you will start to notice a decrease in sugar cravings as you change your diet. What you don’t eat you start to not crave! Many times the body is craving a nutrient, vitamin or mineral rather than the substance itself. For example, if you crave chocolate try eating 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Peanut butter contains magnesium which is a mineral that is also in chocolate.

If you are a person who is addicted to soda (I am first to admit that is me!) start sipping on infused waters throughout the day. Below are my favorite drink alternatives I suggest to help cut sugar cravings.


  • Protein – Eat lots of lean protein from seafood and organic meats such as lean ground meat, chicken, turkey, and salmon. Eggs are also a nutritional source of protein.
  • Plants – Eat the colors of the rainbow. Enjoy lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Satisfying Salads – Try these salad recipes: Detox Salad (Chopped Kale Salad) and Detox Citrus Salad.
  • Fats – Enjoy healthy fats such as that from avocados, nuts and seeds.
  • For a 10-day sugar detox, try eliminating any whole grains as well for the first 7 days. After day 7, start adding in quinoa and brown rice.


These beverage alternatives are much better that sodas or sugary juices. They are all-natural and help to satisfy a sweet tooth when craving sugary drink.

GET A SODA STREAM: This is so helpful for a soda addict and I can not recommend enough purchasing a soda stream to make homemade bubble water or sparkling water. I religiously use mine every day and have 3 extra back-up CO2 containers because this way I get a soda fix without the sugar. It helps soda cravings and you can add sparkling water to the first four recipes listed below in place of regular water.


Detoxing from sugar can come with potential side effects that include low energy, low blood sugar, muscle aches, fatigue, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, and nausea. Sugar detox headaches are also very common just like when you stop drinking coffee cold turkey. To prevent these negative effects it is important to eat small balanced meals about 6 times per day to keep sugar and energy levels up. Make sure they are all clean wholesome foods from the lists above. If you start to feel “off”, ramp up your water intake and try drinking lemon cucumber water. Remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Side effects may be on and off for up to 2 weeks and hydrating helps.


Why you should do a sugar detox?

It is never a good thing to be controlled by something or a substance and sugar is addicting. The more we have it the more we want it. Sugar rots teeth, causes weight gain, and can throw hormones out of wack. Doing a sugar detox will help break sugar cravings and revamp the brain to want other foods instead.

Can you flush out sugar by drinking water?

Sugar in the blood can make you dehydrated so drinking more water can help you urinate out excess sugars and balance pH levels.

How long does it take to detox from sugar?

You may not feel great for the first 2 weeks then after that cravings start to subside. Try to stick with a sugar detox for at least 21 days. Think of it this way, it takes 90 days to rewire the brain and break a habit, so 21 days is doable, right!

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