Grain-free Steak Quesadilla {gluten-free, paleo + dairy-free options}

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Tortillas are one of the best vessels for food and I dare anyone to challenge that! Keeping with the theme of our chipped beef as part of our Protein Prep Method, let us introduce our chipped beef quesadillas. If you’ve made the chipped beef for easy meal prep, you are going to need to add this to your list of recipes to use that beef with. Check out our Chipped Beef Recipe for meal prep here.

Grain-free Steak Quesadilla {gluten-free}

Grain-free Steak Quesadilla {gluten-free}

These quesadillas are super simple and take hardly any time at all to make. The key is to prep all of your add ins so they are ready to go in the quesadilla because this recipe takes minutes.

Some people aren’t into the leftover game, but I suggest you make extras! These reheat great in the oven at 350ºF for 10-12 minutes. If you’re in the office a microwave or toaster oven also work well. This recipe goes with that saying, “cook once and eat for the week.”

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