Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipes

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Now is the perfect season to enjoy the best gluten free pumpkin recipes easily found in one location! We have pumpkin soup, pumpkin cookies, muffins, desserts, and more that make holiday menu planning a breeze!

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipes

This holiday we’ve rounded up the best and our favorite gluten-free pumpkin recipes to bring to the table. All of the recipes use gluten-free ingredients, and many are also dairy-free and made with natural sugars, making them a healthier choice.

gluten free pumpkin recipes

Gluten-Free pumpkin soup (canned pumpkin)

pumpkin soup recipe in a bowl with dairy-free yogurt, olive oil, and parsley stirred in
The best recipe for pumpkin soup and it’s so easy and healthy!

A flavorful soup that is a breeze to make using canned pumpkin! We sauté vegetables in a saucepan before adding the vegan and dairy-free ingredients. This pumpkin soup is finished off with aromas of cinnamon and pureed to a smooth finish.

Get the recipe for pumpkin soup.

Gluten-free pumpkin bread

stack of gluten free pumpkin bread slices

Our gluten-free pumpkin bread uses applesauce to replace oil, making this a low fat bread that is fantastic topped with pumpkin butter. It is bursting with flavor best served warmed.

Get the recipe for gluten-free pumpkin bread.

Healthy gluten-free pumpkin muffins

Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins you will fall in love with and want to eat for days! Naturally dairy-free healthy muffins made with gluten free flours (with a grain free option), coconut sugar, pumpkin and comforting spices! #glutenfreepumpkinmuffins #pumpkinmuffins #baking #glutenfree #easymuffins #kidfriendly #pumpkin #dairyfreeglutenfree #dairyfree #snacks #breakfast #muffins | Recipe at Delightful Mom Food

These pumpkin muffins are also made with applesauce to replace oil, although you can substitute it for oil if you prefer. It is light and fluffy with a texture that bounces and taste that is moist. Top it with crumbles of nuts and serve with a dollop of organic butter or ghee!

Get the recipe for gluten-free pumpkin muffins.

Gluten-free dairy-free pumpkin pie

slice of gluten-free pumpkin pie on a plate

Use this easy, buttery, and flaky vegan (option) gluten-free pie crust for all your holiday recipes! It is beautiful filled with this sweet pumpkin spiced filling that is made with eggs, canned coconut cream, and natural sugars.

Get the recipe for gluten-free pumpkin pie.

Gingerbread pumpkin trifle

A tasty pumpkin trifle layered with gluten-free gingerbread cake, creamy pumpkin filling and homemade whipped cream.

This crowd-pleaser is one of our most popular gluten-free pumpkin recipes during the holidays for Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is quick to assemble at moments notice and full of sweet pumpkin spice and everything nice. Made of a gluten-free gingerbread cake nestled between layers of sweet whipped cream topping and whipped pumpkin filling.

Get the recipe for gingerbread pumpkin trifle.

No-bake pumpkin pie

Fluffy vegan no bake pumpkin pie made with a raw date and nut base and coconut cool whip! A delicious delicate dessert served either partially frozen or soft and fluffy!

This version of a gluten-free pumpkin pie is vegan and made with dairy free whip, pumpkin puree, and a date and nut base. Medjool dates are incredible delicious with a caramel-like flavor that naturally sweetens the crust. Enjoy it beautifully topped with fresh fruits, pumpkin seeds, or chocolate!

Get the recipe for no-bake pumpkin pie.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cookies

gluten free pumpkin cookies baked perfectly round and gathered on a table

We swoon over these little mini bites of bliss. Our pumpkin cookies are very low in sugar and this version has white chocolate chips added instead of the traditional cream cheese icing topping. These are a favorite for the kids table and santa’s cookie tray!

Get the recipe for gluten-free pumpkin cookies.

Pumpkin Granola

homemade granola on a dish with fresh strawberries

Homemade granola is so simple to make, have you tried it? We use gluten-free oats, seeds, nuts, coconut flakes, and pumpkin pie spice with coconut oil and honey. The result is beautiful golden chunks of granola and pumpkin flavor! Serve topped on ice cream, yogurt, or for breakfast with almond milk or another favorite milk.

Get the recipe for homemade pumpkin granola.

Gluten-Free pumpkin pancakes

Healthy gluten free pumpkin pancake recipe with maple syrup being poured on top.

These easy dairy-free and gluten free pumpkin pancakes are sure to be a crowd-pleasure and they are ready in 15 minutes! My kids devour giant pancake stacks everytime I make them, and the flavor is warm vanilla with cinnamon spices. Serve them drizzled with maple syrup or honey, peanut butter, fresh fruit, or topped with homemade apple pie filling.

Get the recipe for gluten-free pumpkin pancakes.

Homemade pumpkin butter

homemade pumpkin butter served in a jar with a slice of toast on a cutting board.
Homemade pumpkin butter with all your favorite fall aromas!

This sweet pumpkin spread is so simple to make heated on the stove with cozy pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, lemon, and canned pumpkin. Use this spread over pancakes or on fresh quick breads.

Get the recipe for homemade pumpkin butter.

Savory pumpkin hummus

recipe for making pumpkin into hummus dip

A creamy dip made with delicious savory (not sweet) fall spices, chickpeas, and pumpkin puree. Serve this pumpkin hummus to guests with crackers or a fresh fruit and vegetable party tray.

Get the recipe for pumpkin hummus.

Zucchini pumpkin muffins

gluten free zucchini pumpkin muffins surrounded by cutting boards pink flower and fresh zucchini

Another favorite gluten-free pumpkin recipe are these muffins made with zucchini added for extra nutrition and fiber. Both in the squash family, pumpkin and zucchini create a moist gluten-free muffin without needing loads of oil or extra fat. These muffins are healthy, and a wonderful way to get greens into your daily diet!

Get the recipe for zucchini pumpkin muffins.

Gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies made gluten-free and dairy-free! These easy healthy cookies are incredibly easy and fluffy with savory notes of cinnamon, orange and vanilla spices to warm your taste buds this holiday season. 

Chocolate morsels and pumpkin puree taste so good together especially mixed into a cookie! These cookies are soft and fluffy in every bite from natural sugars and canned pumpkin. Santa loves these so grab a glass of milk or a cup of tea and enjoy them for yourself first!

Get the recipe for gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

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