Gluten-Free Peach Cake with Cinnamon Streusel

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Gluten-free peach coffee cake recipe from gluten free goddess

Peach and Streusel Crumb Coffee Cake

Why is it when I bake a coffee cake I get all dreamy and gooey inside, like a knee-socked school girl in Latin class, riveted to the patch of fuzzy cloud against the swaying swatch of blue between the maple tree branches outside the classroom window, imagining love itself is out there, waiting, breathing, just beyond reach, ready to pounce. Like grace. 

Because coffee cake- and a tall tumbler of dark roast coffee with cream- was the menu shared on a second date with my plaid shirted Honey. 
And now, almost twenty-six years later, I hear a key in the door. And my heart jumps. It’s him. The guy in a plaid shirt.

Bearing peaches.

For coffee cake.




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