Gluten-free Butter Cookies (Dairy-free option)

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These Gluten-free Butter cookies are a classic simple recipe that can be made during any time of the year but are special to us during the winter holiday season. We adapted one of our family’s recipes to make our butter cookies gluten and dairy free. The cookies still have the same buttery rich flavor from the ghee (clarified butter) without the lactose or casein.

Gluten-free Butter Cookies (dairy-free)

Gluten-free Butter Cookies (dairy-free)

Butter cookies can be known to be a bit dense so for our recipe we really recommend you mix the butter and sugars together until they are light and fluffy. It may take 3-5 minutes to get to that fluffy consistency that we are looking for so we recommend using a stand mixer if you have one and a hand mixer will also work for this recipe. Room temperature ingredients are important with this recipe. Having the butter and egg yolks at room temperature helps the dough come together with the coconut sugar.

If you can’t find ghee at your local grocery store, we have a recipe to make your own ghee at home and it is so easy and worth your time to make a batch to have on hand. Using a high quality organic butter (pasture-raised if you can find it) is optimal when making ghee. If you do not have dairy sensitivity you can for sure use regular high quality butter in this recipe it swaps very easily.

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