Five Gluten-Free Cocktails with Bombay Sapphire Gin

Spread the love 07/23/2021 – Even with a clear statement by the FDA that all distilled alcohol is gluten-free, we still get a lot of questions about alcohol, and cocktails. Specifically, which brands of alcohol and cocktails are gluten-free.

We especially get a lot of questions about gluten-free cocktails with Bombay Sapphire gin. Remember, unless gluten ingredients are added after distillation, all gin is gluten-free, so these recipes can also apply to other gin brands.

Helpful Glassware & Barware:

Mixing glass with Hawthorn strainer

Long twisted bar spoon

Measuring device

Serrated knife & chopping board

Bottle opener

Looking for more great gin cocktails? The Bombay Sapphire website has has dozens of classic and custom cocktails for just about any occasion. Here are five great gluten-free cocktails with Bombay Sapphire gin:

Classic Bombay Collins

Bombay Sapphire freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar, served long with cubed ice and chilled Fever-Tree soda water.


50ml Bombay Sapphire

15ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

15ml Homemade sugar syrup

60ml Fever-Tree soda water (chilled & freshly opened)

1 Lemon Wedge

Measure all ingredients (except the soda) into a cocktail shaker.

Shake with cubed ice for 5 seconds, then pour entire contents into a balloon glass.

Top with chilled & freshly opened Fever-Tree soda water, pour it down a twisted bar spoon to retain as much effervescence as possible.

Classic Bombay Sapphire & Tonic

Bombay Sapphire lengthened with Fever-Tree tonic water and a squeeze of fresh fragrant lime – bright, refreshing, up-lifting & divine. The ultimate expression of that quintessentially English classic, the ‘G&T’


50ml Bombay Sapphire

100ml Fever-Tree tonic water

1 Lime Wedge

Squeeze a lime wedge into a balloon glass.

Add the Bombay Sapphire then swirl the glass to mix and infuse.

Fully fill the glass with cubed ice and stir to chill and mix. Top with 100ml of Fever-Tree tonic water by pouring it gently down a twisted bar spoon to retain as much effervescence as possible.

Finally, gently fold/stir with a bar spoon to combine.

Bombay Laverstoke Summer Edition

Sam Carter’s signature cocktail, the Bombay Sapphire Laverstoke is a happy marriage of MARTINI Rosato, Bottlegreen elderflower cordial, lime wedges, topped with Fever-Tree ginger ale. Not to be missed.


50ml Bombay Sapphire

10ml Bottlegreen elderflower cordial

15ml MARTINI Rosato Vermouth

2 lime wedges -fully squeezed

75ml Fever-Tree ginger ale (chilled & freshly opened)

1 Mint Sprig

1 thin ginger slice

Squeeze two freshly cut lime wedges into a clean Balloon glass then drop in.

Measure and pour in the Bottlegreen elderflower cordial, MARTINI Rosato Vermouth and Bombay Sapphire. Swirl well to mix.
Fill the glass completely full of good quality cubed ice and stir with a bar spoon to chill.

Pour the Fever-Tree ginger ale down a twisted bar spoon (into the spoon end) over the ice and gently stir the cocktail at the same time. ‘Fold’ to combine the liquids.

Bombay Leggero Martini Cocktail

This new hybrid cocktail combines your choice of Bombay gin with your choice of MARTINI vermouth, your choice of flavored tonic water & your choice of citrus peel.


25ml Bombay gin of your choice

25ml MARTINI vermouth of your choice

25ml tonic water of your choice

Citrus peel disc of your choice

glassware and barware

Into an ice filled mixing glass, add the chosen tonic water, MARTINI & Bombay gin.

Using a bar spoon, stir all ingredients well for 8-10 seconds.

Once chilled, mixed & diluted, strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.

Garnish by spritzing the citrus peel disc over the top of the cocktail & place on the rim of the glass by cutting a slit ½ way through the peel.

Bombay Pomade

Unlike the product made for hair, this ‘Pomade’ is a delicious marriage of pomegranate juice, Fever-Tree lemonade, red currants, and Bombay Sapphire gin. The result is a refreshing concoction that’s perfect for summer.


50ml Bombay Sapphire

60ml Fever-Tree lemonade

6 fresh red currants

40ml Pomegranate juice


1 Mint Sprig

Pour the lemonade into a Copa de Balon glass.

Shake Bombay Sapphire, Pomegranate juice and redcurrants with cubed ice in a cocktail shaker.

Pour the entire contents into a Copa de Balon glass containing the lemonade. Top with extra ice if required.

Garnish with awoken mint sprig.


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