Firecracker Tofu Wings

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Sweet and Spicy Crispy Baked Firecracker Tofu Wings – an addictive vegan appetizer that will leave you wanting more. This is a super easy and delicious tofu recipe that’s perfect for Game Day, parties, movie night, or any occasion that calls for crowd-pleasing snacks.

overhead shot of a plate with vegan baked firecracker tofu wings served with side of vegan Ranch

I am not in the habit of calling a recipe “addicting,” but if anything would deserve that kind of etiquette, it would be these Firecracker Tofu Wings. They are perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and on the inside, and soak up all of the sweet and spicy firecracker sauce! Like takeout, just way better plus all plant-based and lower in artificial ingredients than the takeout version.

Every bite of these baked tofu wings is absolutely delicious and you will find yourself automatically reaching for the next wing while still munching on the first one! Don’t say I did not warn you! Bookmark this one for your next movie night or Game Day.

a bowl with firecracker tofu wings served with a dip and a small plate with vegan tofu wings drizzled with ranch

What is firecracker sauce?

Firecracker sauce is a simple sweet and hot Asian-inspired stir-fry sauce that goes well with just about anything and is especially great for spicing up anything rather neutral-tasting – from cauliflower to tofu!

Traditional restaurant-style firecracker sauce has a hefty dose of sugar to make it more sweet than hot. With my sauce, I go a bit heavier on the spice and flavor and lower on the sugar. Anything from 2 1/2 – 3 tbsp will be just enough. Start with 2/1 tbsp and add some more to taste. You might not even need the whole amount.

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