EpiLynx by Dr. Liia Gluten-Free 3D Black Liquid Mascara – Volumizing & Lengthening with Fiber Brush

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Celiac.com 07/23/2021 – Most people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease have heard about the gluten-free cosmetic line from EpiLynx by Dr. Liia. Their comprehensive line of top quality cosmetics and skin care products are second to none, and in a addition to being gluten-free they are also allergen-free and vegan.

Some cosmetics, like lip stick, lip gloss, or mascara, have a much higher chance of getting into your system, and for people with dermatitis herpetiformis this can mean an itchy, painful, and long-lasting rash. This is what makes EpiLynx by Dr. Liia’s 3D Black Liquid Mascara an important addition to your gluten-free makeup kit.

EpiLynx by Dr. Liia’s 3D Black Liquid Mascara uses nylon fibers combined with synthetic collagen fibers to lengthen and thicken your natural lashes to give them a more voluminous, fuller and healthier appearance, without the need of using false eye lashes, and without the use of gluten!

As with all of their products, their mascara uses only the best quality ingredients which include synthetic collagen, wax, Brazilian palm glue, and green tea natural fibers. To apply first place a thin single layer of the black mascara tube on your lashes, then apply the 3D Fibers.

Their complete line of outstanding gluten-free cosmetics and skin care products can be found on their Web site.

Visit their site for more info.


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