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I Can Run on Fumes So Why Is Sleep So Important?

While many of us live each day without much of it, sleep is important for our everyday functioning and our overall health. It does so much! I am talking with Karen Shopoff Rooff, a certified women’s health coach with more than a decade of experience empowering professional women to build a realistic healthy lifestyle, about […]

My Anxiety Explosion and How Meditation Saved Me

I didn’t want to believe anxiety and meditation had a close relationship. Sitting still was not my thing, but desperation changes you. I used to laugh when people told me I should try meditating. It seemed like such a hippy thing to do, definitely not for someone that thrived on cardio and boot camps and […]

Picky Eaters and Why Our Kids Are Trying to Kill Us

Have you been blessed by picky eaters? Do you often wonder if it’s revenge? Listen in as we tackle all things kids, food and mealtime! Kids are fun because they are so easy to feed…said no one ever. At some point in your parenthood, you will tackle struggles with food. Even with the best eaters, […]

What Does Healthy Really Mean?

So, what does healthy actually mean? The issue is that healthy has so many facets: physical, mental and even social all play a part. The word healthy has been hijacked by so many things. It’s been overused in marketing, media and the diet world to the point where the true meaning has been lost. Today […]