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Why I Eat Fat, Carbs and Protein

Unless it is medically necessary, cutting out an entire macronutrient can be dangerous to your health. Our cells need them all to function. Diet culture tends to push us towards fear of one kind of macronutrient or another. With promises of looking like a model, we blindly follow what is being sold. What Are Macronutrients? […]

Does a Plant-Based Diet Work For Athletes?

A plant-based diet when you are an athlete is doable and can actually be helpful. Listen to find out why protein isn’t your main issue! We worry so much about protein in our country. It seems to be the main focus in the diet world, especially when it comes to athletes. But Kayla tells us […]

Using Life Experiences to Build a Business

Life experiences can drag us down, or guide us to make a mark on the world. Listen to hear how this mom turned a problem into business! We all face issues and we go through life, some with solutions and some that leave us feeling empty handed. It’s those problems we need to solve that […]

The Mindful Eating Game Changer

Mindful eating is a start in the path to overall well being. The simple practice of being present with food builds our inner confidence. When we ignore our body’s natural cues, we are essentially telling ourselves we aren’t trustworthy and placing control into outside sources. Being present with food helps start that positive confidence cycle. […]

Why Mindfulness is More Than Just a Moment

Mindfulness is more than just a passing moment. It’s a practice that takes time to see results. With work, it can do wonders for your life! My guest today chats with us about the process of setting up a mindfulness practice, the positive effect it can have in our life, and how it can be […]

How to Avoid Marketing Traps and Read Food Labels

Learning how to read food labels is so important for avoiding the marketing traps brands like to put on their products! It’s so easy to fall victim to all the fancy marketing on the front of products. Brands know how to draw you in and get you to think a product is filled with wholesome […]

Teen Mental Health and Body Image Issues

The need to support teen mental health is on the rise, especially when it comes to body image issues. Listen in for some great tips! The behavior we model as adults, carries on to our children. The problem with body image, is that many of us adults struggle as well. So where does that leave […]

Why Diets Don’t Work

Listen to find out why diets don’t work for losing weight and for an overall happy relationship with food, while learning tips of what does! It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new diet being sold promising results with little effort and in record time. But the truth is, it’s all in the name […]

Why Should You Drink Water When There’s Wine?

So what’s the hype on drinking water anyway? Listen to find out not only why it’s so important we do it, but tips for us who struggle. It’s amazing how something so simple like drinking water can be such a challenge for so many of us. However it is one of the most simple ways […]

Can You Force Your Kids to Eat Vegan?

Having a healthy food relationship is number one in my book. But this can sometimes impact the diet you choose to follow. While I love the idea of guiding kids towards foods that help them grow and nourish their body, I also cringe when I see people talk about food a certain way. Different Diets […]