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How to Crack the Food Nutrition Label Code

The food nutrition label makes most people’s head spin, but I am here to guide you through understanding it from top to bottom. A must know! How can we make smart choices in what we buy if we don’t even know what the food labels mean? Not anymore! I’m here to help you understand what […]

The Healthy Sugar Controversy

Is there a healthy sugar? Sugar is one of the most controversial food topics out there. Listen to find out as we dissect the differences! Sugar is basically a carbohydrate. There are so many types, it’s hard to figure out what is what and if some are better than others. Good thing we are chatting […]

Types of Carbohydrates and Which We Should Fear

Fear mongering on some types of carbohydrates is all over the diet world. Get the real answers on what they are and if we should eat them! When it comes to carbs, the answer is simple. Our body needs them. But is there a difference in the type you eat and what does your body […]

What Are Macronutrients Anyway?

Macros are the talk of the town in the diet world. But what are macronutrients actually? Listen to find out why we need them all! You know how I feel about macros, and why I don’t discriminate. But what about the science behind it? Listen in as we hear from a registered nurse and nutritionist […]

Body Image and Social Media

We know that body image and social media aren’t the best mix. But what can we do about it? There is help and today’s guest is telling us how! It takes a lot of strength and self confidence to battle the world of social media. From unrealistic body images to diet culture, it’s brutal out […]

The Anti-Diet Vegan

It feels strange to see the words “anti-diet” and “vegan” next to each other. Isn’t veganism a diet? Listen to find out why it doesn’t have to be. Just because you choose to eat a certain way, it doesn’t mean you have to fall to the hands of the diet world. Today’s guest spills all […]

Is Growing Food Indoors Possible?

Have you heard of growing food indoors? You don’t need to have a huge yard and ample garden space and today’s guest shows us how! I love growing my own food but am lucky enough to have a garden. But what if you don’t? Shouldn’t all people have access to amazing home grown food? Not […]

Wellness and Living with Cancer

Overall wellness has a huge impact when living with cancer. For my guest today, it has helped her live well beyond the years she was given. Wellness is not just the absence of disease, but a whole mind, body and spirit approach to the well being of a person. My guest today, Melanie Kabo, embodies […]

Living With a Vegan Partner

When you aren’t vegan and living with a vegan partner, it can be tricky. Just because you are a couple, doesn’t mean you have to eat the same! Today’s guest knows about this first hand. She is sharing her experience and all the tips and tricks to make it work! Molly Patrick is from Clean […]

How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet

Learning how to smoothly transition to a plant based diet is key for long term success. Many people go into it quickly and with strict rules. Whenever you take on something new, it’s important to break it down into small reachable steps in order for the end result to be sustainable long term. What is […]