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Easy Fresh Fruit Compote (Strawberry or Blueberry)

Learn how to make a simple homemade strawberry or blueberry fruit compote with fresh or frozen fruit in 20 minutes! For a new breakfast and dessert idea, enjoy this easy compote served over waffles, pancakes, ice cream or cheesecake. When you need a quick dessert idea- this easy fresh fruit compote recipe is just the […]

The BEST & Easiest Deviled Eggs Recipe

Best deviled eggs recipe that is easy and healthy with a creamy gourmet whipped filling and original mustard flavor. Double these deviled eggs because they go fast! WHAT ARE DEVILED EGGS Deviled eggs, also known as stuffed eggs and angel eggs, are hard boiled eggs that are shelled then cut in half and filled with […]

Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

A silky sweet potato smoothie that does not disappoint with a creamy rich milkshake consistency and a sweet potato pie taste! Made with no banana and uses dairy-free ingredients. This sweet potato shake needs to come with a warning that you just might want to slow down when you drink it- it’s just that good! […]

Healthy Curry Chicken Soup With Rice

A coconut curry chicken soup in a flavorful blend of tangy Indian and Thai curry spices, chicken, rice, ginger and lime that can help reduce inflammation and heal the body and soul. Even my kids love this healthy soup! WHY THIS HEALTHY CHICKEN CURRY SOUP WORKS Indian spices and Thai curry recipes are one of […]

Best Detox Teas and Homemade Detox Tea Recipe

Top 10 BEST detox teas to drink and a recipe for detox tea to make homemade. Contains dandelion, milk thistle (liver support), lemon and a priority blend to support the body’s natural detoxification process. WHY DETOX TEAS ARE SO GREAT The human body is naturally designed to detox itself and flush out toxins as outside […]

How To Do A Sugar Detox and Eliminate Cravings

Time to crush that sugar habit and detox from sugar! A simple sugar-free plan with foods and drinks to eat to achieve a successful sugar detox that reduces cravings, keeps you energized, satisfied, and assists in losing weight. BENEFITS OF A SUGAR DETOX What happens to your body when you give up processed sugar? In […]

Cranberry Detox Water for a Flatter Belly

This flat belly detox water is a beautiful blend of cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, lime and water. Sipping cranberry juice detox water is a powerful instant body cleanse and supports weight loss. WHY THIS DETOXING AND FLAT TUMMY WATER RECIPE IS SO GREAT! Cranberry juice detox water is also known as a flat belly […]

Easy Homemade Cauliflower Ice Cream Recipe

Creamy and easy homemade cauliflower ice cream recipe with protein! Vegan, dairy free, sugar free, low carb, keto, and healthy with a smooth consistency and coconut flavor. WHY THIS CAULIFLOWER ICE CREAM RECIPE IS SO GREAT No cauliflower taste – this ice cream has no cauliflower taste. It is masked by coconut milk (or cream), […]

Jackfruit Mango Smoothie Recipe (Jackfruit Shake)

Creamy jackfruit mango smoothie made with a vegan meat replacement, protein, mango, banana, and tropical flavors! It’s like sipping a protein-packed healthy milkshake! WHY THIS JACKFRUIT SMOOTHIE RECIPE WORKS This jackfruit smoothie is an excellent source of plant-based vegan protein and iron! Jackfruit “meat”, aka “jacktree” is a healthy vegan meat replacement. The fruit itself […]

Wellness Ginger Turmeric Shot (Immunity Booster)

Immune-boosting homemade lemon ginger turmeric shot recipe for cold and flu season. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties to boost overall wellness. WHY THIS GINGER TURMERIC and LEMON RECIPE WORKS Ginger turmeric shots have incredible healing benefits! Ginger (gingerol) and turmeric (curcuma) contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce cold […]