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BEST Broccoli Grape Salad With Crunchy Pecans

Easy broccoli grape salad tossed with shredded carrots, crunchy pecans and bathed in a creamy lite dressing. Perfect for potlucks and covered dish parties! WHY THIS BROCCOLI AND GRAPE SALAD IS SO GREAT! Easy summer salad recipe for an outdoor BBQ or celebration. Comes with a mouthwatering creamy dressing to use as a staple item on […]

Healthy Jambalaya with Shrimp and Sausage

A simply, yet mouthwatering 30-minute healthy jambalaya recipe with minimal ingredients including shrimp, pre-cooked sausage and rice, and spicy Cajun spices. It’s got deep southern flavors and is comfort food at its best!  WHY MAKE THIS JAMBALAYA RECIPE This healthy jambalaya recipe is a delicious “jumbled” or “mixed up” stew that is so easy to […]

Creamy Pan Seared Italian Scallops (Dairy-Free)

Beautifully pan seared Italian scallops with all the flavors of Tuscany in a dairy-free cream sauce ready in 25 minutes! The sauce with garlic mushrooms, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh spinach are the perfect foil for this shellfish. WHY THIS CREAMY ITALIAN RECIPE FOR SCALLOPS IS SO GREAT This Italian-inspired creamy sauce is bursting with […]

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Dinnertime meets the EASIEST meal with this super quick vegetarian burrito bowl that feeds a family and works well on busy evenings. It is a match for all Mexican dish lovers, and in our home we always devour the entire thing! Who said burritos have to be in a tortilla? I used to love getting […]

10-Minute Vegetarian Taco Salad Bowl

This is everything you love about a Mexican vegetarian taco salad, made hearty into a bowl to be scooped with tortilla chips or simple with a fork. This is ridiculously delicious, and ready in as little as 10 minutes! WHY THIS VEGGIE TACO SALAD IS SO GOOD! + Incredibly easy dinner that is vegetarian, plant-based, […]

Lemony Corn and Tomato Salad

Showcase summers natural flavors with this easy lemony corn and tomato salad. Use either corn with heavy ears in the husk or frozen corn and sweet bright red grape tomatoes for the best-quality salad! WHY THIS CORN & TOMATO SALAD WORKS + A refreshing corn and tomato salad is a summer staple recipe. Two things […]

Healthier Chocolate Coconut Balls (Mounds Bar)

Chocolate and coconut lovers, rejoice! You can have it combined into these sweet cream cheese filled chocolate coconut balls made without condensed milk, but still deliver amazing flavor in every bite! WHY THESE CHOCOLATE COVERED COCONUT BALLS (MOUNDS BAR) ARE SO GOOD! These homemade chocolate coconut balls are without condensed milk and the recipe comes […]

Healthy Sunbutter Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Perfect cookies for nut allergies! These healthy sunbutter cookies are an earthy blend of sunflower butter and sweet maple syrup and made with gluten-free flour. WHY THESE SUNFLOWER BUTTER COOKIES ARE SO GREAT + Allergy-friendly dessert! Sunflower seeds are a perfect alternative to nuts and make a lovely seed butter for cookies and baked goods […]

Strawberry Lemon Infused Detox Water

Lemony strawberry detox water with mint, lemon and muddled strawberries to release juices and flavor. A tasty way to enjoy water and all the health benefits including losing weight, clearer skin, and flushing out toxins! STRAWBERRY WATER BENEFITS AND WHY THIS RECIPE IS SO GREAT When you are craving a soda or sugary drink, this […]

Meyer Lemon Lavender Lemonade

Take summers up a notch with a refreshing glass of lavender lemonade. Made with fresh lemon juice and a natural sweetened simple syrup infused with lavender buds. A fresh twist to an average glass of lemonade! WHY THIS LAVENDER INFUSED LEMONADE IS SO GREAT! Lavender lemonade is easy to make, contains natural sugars, and calms an […]